Tunisia Data Literacy Program

As part of the ongoing World Bank’s effort to provide the Tunisian Government high quality support in producing and analyzing data and statistics, the Program aims to sustainably transfer data literacy skills to government officials, media and academics and facilitate their synergy in support of the decision-making process in Tunisia.

Designed in collaboration with the Tunisian National Institute of Statistics (INS) and the Office for National Statistics (ONS- UK), the program is intended to deliver a modular online/onsite pedagogy both in English and French and share innovative open resources and tools with participants, so they can concretely integrate key data and statistics into specific economic and social policies.


Expected Outcomes


Members of the government will familiarize with the use of official and alternative data sources and integrate them to improve the development of national legislation, governance, standards, skills and partnerships.


National media will share data-driven stories based on advanced data visualization to best report about the country. Training of trainers will be set up to create a culture of data.


Members of the universities and experts of the Tunisian statistical sector will empower their knowledge on data query and analysis and ensure sustainability towards embedding data literacy material into graduate and research higher education trainings.


Curriculum developed through this course will be published in French and English in an open-source format to be adapted and used for others to increase data literacy capacity.

Workshop for Government Officials

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