Data Literacy for Prosperous Nepal

Nepal Data Literacy Program is designed to catalyze stronger data-driven decision-making by government and non-government actors (mass media, civil society, and academia) through targeted Data Literacy Workshop to help Nepal achieve its development goals.

The program comprises a 100 hour modular, customizable pedagogy to support both technical skills-building and efforts to enhance a ‘culture of data use’ among Nepalis.


Expected Outcomes


Members of academia will be expected to initiate a process to work with the World Bank and partners to update their existing relevant courses to adapt materials from the training or develop non-credit introductory courses when applicable.


Members of CSOs and media will provide trainings to their colleagues inside their orgs and potentially create/lead data-driven projects with the technical support from the World Bank and partners.


Participants will publish data-driven analysis/blogs on topics related to Sustainable Development Goals in Nepal.


Curriculum developed through this course will be published in an open source format to be adapted and used for others to increase data literacy capacity.

June-July 2019 Units

August-September 2019 Units

Participating Organizations

Organizations that participated in the data literacy program to support our vision to enhance data-driven decision-making.

Community Partners

These partners are committed to using resources in this portal to increase data literacy capacity of their community members and voluntarily contribute to the portal.

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