Data Literacy for Nepal

Nepal Data Literacy Program is designed to catalyze stronger data-driven decision-making by government and non-government actors through targeted Data Literacy Workshop. The program comprises a modular, customizable pedagogy to support both technical skills-building and efforts to enhance a ‘culture of data use’.

Data Literacy for Philippines

The objective of the Data Literacy Program for National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) in the Philippines is to sustainably strengthen data analysis skills of staff within the NCIP who can use data to advance NCIP’s mission and increase data literacy of other NCIP staff.

Data Literacy for Tanzania

Foundational data skills for students and trainers of the Local Government Training Institute. The objective of the data fundamentals course is to develop foundational data literacy skills that will allow participants to walk through the School of Data's Data Pipeline given a specific data problem or question.

Data Literacy for Sudan

Drawing on expertise from both UKAid and the World Bank, the Sudan Evidence Base and Data Literacy Capacity Development program is meant to improve development outcomes through stronger evidence-based policy-making, program design, and monitoring.